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Poultry shows are the window of our sport and hobby. Competing against fellow fanciers is most rewarding and exciting.


Preparing and training of potential exhibits must start from a very young age, handling them gently for very short periods at a time by just stroking them or laying your hand in the cage so that they can become accustomed to humans.


Poultry can be shown only if the bird is mature enough and in good feather condition. There are also certain show rules that must be adhered to when showing your birds at a poultry show.


Cleanliness plays an important part in winning at any show. A slightly soiled exhibit may still win at an agricultural show where it has little opposition and rules are applied less strict, but it certainly will never be considered as a breed or reserve breed champion at a Club or Prestige show.


It is now time to tell you how to prepare your birds for showing.

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