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Show Poultry Southern Africa (SPSA)

Founded in February 2012, Show Poultry Southern Africa (SPSA) was established to safeguard the interests of standard bred show poultry including chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and the displaying of eggs.









The club is always ready to help and educate members of the public on keeping standard bred show poultry and provide advice for people wanting a few hens for eggs at home. Additional advice is also given to more serious breeders. They advise on all aspects of keeping birds including housing, and basic veterinary care, as well as helping to choose the most suitable breed.

Jaco de Wet


July 2018








During the annual general meeting of Bosveld Poultry Club in  November 2011, the members of the club requested a name change. The chairman proposed another name but the name Poultry Club SA was proposed by another member and the members voted for this name to be used in future. Notice was given to SASPO in November 2011 of the name change and the new constitution was also attached. The new constitution was not distributed to the SASPO Committee but it was put on the table during the February 2012 meeting where our new name and constitution were not approved.

The result  being that the club was not a SASPO affiliated club anymore. At that stage all membership fees of Poultry Club SA for 2012 were already paid to SASPO. Pretoria Poultry Club then adopted all the members of Poultry Club SA as they, ‘legally’, did not belong to any SASPO affiliated club!

What now?
Pretoria was not in a position to conduct any of the poultry shows in Limpopo and Mpumalanga, where commitments had already been made to the different Agri Show committees to host the shows at those venues. What would have happened to the sponsors that we worked so hard to get? The Tzaneen and Nelspruit sponsors would never have sponsored Pretoria Poultry Club; the club is not from their region!  We also needed a new structure (organisation) as a controlling body. The name “Show Poultry Southern Africa” was also not the proposal of the chairman of Poultry Club SA, but it was proposed by our members and they voted for this name – out of four different names.

All of us need to promote show poultry in Southern Africa.

This article was published by Jaco de Wet on 5 May 2012