Type: Bacterial Infection

Prevention:Because coccidiosis is so common, products have been developed that are routinely added to feed in order to control the condition. 

Treatment: Treat with coccidiostats products

Signs of infection includes any of the following or a combination thereof:

  1. Thickening of the gut in the lower half of the small intestine, the rectum, cloacae and ceca.
  2. There may be a blood-tinged catarrhal exudates and short red streaks in the lower intestine and rectum.
  3. The lining of the small intestine may slough off.
  4. Cheese like cores may be found plugging the narrow portion of the ceca, but the rest of the ceca seem to be little affected aside from swelling.
  5. Thick mucus, which may be grayish, brownish or pinkish in colour. 
  6. Some of the feces may show flecks of blood.
  7. Congestion, pinpoint hemorrhages and whitish patches in the upper third of the small intestine, with some spread into the lower portion of the small intestine, ceca  and rectum.
  8. Round hemorrhagic spots and a severe catarrhal enteritis in the duodenum and upper half of the remainder of the small intestine. 



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